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    Independent innovation and promote the development

    Adddate:2017-11-29 source:yncopperdc.cn Author:admin (Total Browse) 【Face:Large Medium Small

    - Yunnan Province, staff fair was successfully concluded

    Yunnan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Talent Exposition, co-sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and Yunnan Provincial Staff and Workers Economic and Technological Innovation Project Leading Group with the theme of "innovation and development, clever hand-drawn harmony and talent show", performed in August Closed on the 14th.

    The exhibition entries mainly by the innovative achievements, cultural works, handicrafts works composed of three categories. Through a selection of layers, the province has selected 352 innovative achievements, 970 cultural works, 329 handmade works and 60 talent show performances. In the economic and technological innovation exhibition area, Yunnan Copper's special effects exhibition hall focused on the first small and medium-sized super-efficient and energy-saving bronze rotor motor project in China through physical models, plane effects panels, video and video, etc. High speed train copper alloy contact Wire project; to create China's first underground mine digital mine project; high altitude Tibetan mining recycling economy successful development of a model project, these four projects unite the staff of the Yunnan Copper Group's intelligence and scientific and technological level, fully reflects and represents the cloud copper Guided by the scientific concept of development, the Group adheres to the new achievements of scientific and technological innovation and sustained development of the green cycle.

    During the exhibition, on behalf of the Yunnan Copper independent scientific and technological innovation of cutting-edge technology products: bronze rotor, praised by many visitors, bronze rotor world's advanced production technology, first-class product quality, and energy saving, environmental protection, material saving Product concept has become the highlight of this cloud and copper pavilions, deputy director of Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, the provincial Federation of Trade Unions Jiang Baji only Vice Governor of Provincial People's Government and Duan Qi, the National Federation of Trade and Economic Minister of Technology Chang Yi-min , The provincial Federation of trade unions party secretary, China Federation of workers and technicians Lu Zhengguo, vice president of the provincial Federation of Trade Unions Yang Jianjun, Li Jinyun, vice chairman of the provincial Federation of Trade Unions and other leaders in the cast bronze rotor booth look carefully cast bronze rotor physical exhibits listen to explain the explanation , Asked in detail the status quo of the copper rotor project, as well as the future direction of development and gave a high rating. In addition, cast bronze rotor also received widespread public opinion during the exhibition, "Yunnan News" section of Yunnan TV also conducted an exclusive interview with the bronze rotor project, and on the Yunnan Satellite TV's "Yunnan News" section on August 15 This highly efficient energy-saving products were reported.

    The Yunnan Provincial Talents Fair held only by the provincial party committee and government attach great importance to all levels of trade unions, the masses of workers and the community also showed great enthusiasm for this. According to statistics, a total of more than 30,000 visitors were received during the Expo. At the same time, more than 20 news agencies at the central, provincial and municipal levels reported this. Yunnan Copper Group organized a number of employees to visit the site during the exhibition, in order to motivate The spirit of innovation of the majority of workers. Copper Rotor project to take this opportunity to demonstrate to all sectors of the community its cutting-edge scientific and technological content, and good economic and social benefits.

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