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    Bronze rotor won the highest award of the European

    Adddate:2017-11-29 source:yncopperdc.cn Author:admin (Total Browse) 【Face:Large Medium Small

    GENIUS - EUROPE was exhibited in Budapest, Hungary from September 9 to 13, 2009. Countries participating in the exhibition and competition are Australia, Egypt, China, Iran and other 25 countries, the number of entries up to 320 pieces. Bronze rotor of Yunnan Copper won the gold medal in the 18th National Invention Exhibition and got the attention of International Federation of Inventors. At the invitation of Andrew Andrew, President of International Inventors Federation, Bronze Rotor participated in this European International Invention Exhibition, at the show, bronze rotor won the highest award - "GENIUS Cup" by its advanced science and technology and excellent energy-saving benefits.

    GENIUS - EUROPE is one of the annual events organized by the International Federation of Inventers' Associations (IFIA). Outstanding inventors who have nurtured many countries since their start-up have also injected innovative elements into their inventions and provided a platform for marketing innovative products. Bronze rotor in this exhibition was highly acclaimed by the General Assembly, given the highest award of affirmation, the organizing committee also invited Yunnan Copper bronze rotor on behalf of China to participate in Zagreb, Croatia and held in Nuremberg, Germany Exhibition of inventions. Copper rotor reputation, glory for the country, shine. 

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