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    ICA Global Technical Director Visits

    Adddate:2017-11-29 source:yncopperdc.cn Author:admin (Total Browse) 【Face:Large Medium Small

    On July 6, 2007, H.stillman, International Technical Director of the International Copper Association (ICA), visited the company and held technical exchanges. According to H. Stillman, Yun Copper Casting Co., Ltd. has achieved good results in the cast copper rotor project, It is hoped that Yunnan Copper will speed up the research and development progress and carry out large-scale industrial production as soon as possible, and ICA will, as always, fully support YunBo. 

    H.stillman (New York) ICA (China) Electricity Benefit Bronze Rotor Project Manager: Liang Dong (Left 1)

    Yun Copper Casting Industry General Manager: Wang Qin (right 1)

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